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What is the ideal age to start Tae Kwon-Do training?

Training in Tae Kwon-Do can begin at any age. Generally, for children, age 4-6 is appropriate. They must be able to concentrate / pay attention for the duration of their classes, listen quietly to and follow instructions and be able to memorize simple techniques and simple patterns.

There is no maximum age for a Tae Kwon-Do practitioner. Training and techniques can be adapted for all ages and abilities.

Do I need permission from my Doctor before starting Tae Kwon-Do practice?

Practicing the art of of Tae Kwon-Do does include vigorous exercise routines. If you haven't exercised for some time or you have health concerns (ie: heart disease, lung disease, high blood pressure, asthma, etc), you may want to consult with your doctor before starting Tae Kwon-Do.

I have a Black Belt in Karate. Do I have to start as a Tae Kwon-Do White Belt?

Although the basic techniques are similar among many martial arts, there are differences significant enough to differentiate between the various styles.

It is generally accepted that a practitioner from a different martial art will need to begin their Tae Kwon-Do training at white belt level in order to learn the intricacies of the Tae Kwon-Do techniques that differentiate it from other martial arts.

Ultimately, discuss your previous experience and ability with the Head Instructor who will determine the appropriate Tae Kwon-Do belt level at which to begin your training.

What differentiates Tae Kwon-Do from Karate, Kung Fu and other Martial Arts?

Tae Kwon-Do is a martial art which originated in Korea.

While basic techniques may be similar among various martial arts, Tae Kwon-Do places emphasis on powerful kicking techniques. Especially, high, jumping, spinning, twisting and turning kicks.

Currently, Tae Kwon-Do is the only martial art that is included in the Olympics.

Can I get to the Olympics by training at Master Rim's Tae Kwon-Do?

Tae Kwon-Do training at Master Rim's Tae Kwon-Do provides students with unlimited potential. Students choose the level to which they would like to progress their training.

Many students taught by Grandmaster Rim have moved on to establish their own dojangs, participated in national competitions as well as appeared in television shows and magazine articles.

Potential is limited only by the student's goals and wishes.

How many classes per week must a Tae Kwon-Do student attend?

Generally, attending 2-3 Tae Kwon-Do classes per week, re-enforced with at home practice, is sufficient to allow a student to progress at a normal pace. 

Are the classes taught by other students?

All classes are personally taught either by Grandmaster Rim or Master James Rim. Occasionally, a higher ranking student may be asked to lead the class through the warm-up routines.

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