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Sean's Story

Tuesday, 09 April 2013 by

I had wanted to take martial arts training when I was teenager back in high school. I made a couple of attempts as a younger man. One thing or another seemed to get in the way. So here it is some 40 years later and in my late 50's, I decided to pursue that ambition and joined Master Rim's Taekwondo in Brooklin. 

Today under his and his son's instruction and guidance, I have fulfilled that life long ambition and reached the goal of obtaining my Black Belt.

But it is not just about the belt. The training, discipline and philosophy has been as important if not more so than developing the physical skills.

I have been a marathon runner, triathlete, Ironman, jumped out of airplanes, skied out of helicopters and dived on sunken shipwrecks. Studying TKD at Master Rimís has been more challenging and developed me more as a person than any of the other athletic endeavours I have undertaken.

Master Rim's teaching has sharpened my self confidence and focus, made me more respectful and less fearful. I can better protect myself and my family and as I age, that gives me comfort.

I am beginning to understand that what I have learned only scratches the surface and look forward to deepening my skill and understanding of Taekwondo at Master Rim's.


Eric's Testimonial

Tuesday, 09 April 2013 by

I have been training with Master Rim for over 27 years.

His teaching is world class. He has been a positive role model in my life, so much so that I now attend classes with my 3 children.

I have benefited from taekwondo personally and professionally, especially being a police officer for the past 24 years.

Fantastic training and a lot of fun with an emphasis on a family atmosphere.

- Eric

Hassan's Testimonial

Tuesday, 09 April 2013 by

Grandmaster Song Hack Rim and Master James Rim have helped me tremendously in turning my life around.

Taekwondo has taught me how to set and accomplish goals which I never deemed possible. I realize through perseverance, concentration and unparalleled work ethic that I have overcome many obstacles.

My confidence has increased as I developed both mental and physical strength.

Both Master Rim and his son adapt a mentality that is instilled not only in the practice of martial arts, but in everyday life - a model by which all students should follow.


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